Resolutions, Change & Beck's Book

Resolutions, Change & Beck's Book

Last spring I had the pleasure of presenting to the Cleveland Coaching Federation.  As a marketing coach who works with coaches, it was a fabulous opportunity and I had a blast.  When they gave me a thank you gift of a gift card to Barnes and Nobles, it only seemed appropriate to get a book written by a coach.

The only reason I've subscribed to Oprah Magazine (other than the unadulterated materialism which makes me laugh) is the column written by Life Coach Martha Beck. I found her writing approach and ideas unpretentious, humorous and (unlike many high and mighty YOU MUST CHANGE books) it didn't infer that I needed to rip out my heart and mind before reaching any kind of success.

So, I trotted (or drove, whatever) myself to the local Barnes & Noble and bought "Steering by Starlight" by Martha Beck. In my normal "read it before I forget to read it" style, I hauled ass through it to see what I thought.  And then put it aside until December 2010.  At that point, I dug it out of my book pile and began rereading it.

It's in the same style as her columns, with a bit more steps and various exercises, ways to think, etc.

I've learned that changing by "reading" a book doesn't work on its own. So, I began journaling daily and working out three times a week, along with reading the book. And yes--bribery works--then rewarding  myself with a really nice dinner out, when (you'll note I don't say IF) I've written in my journal for 31 days and worked out three times a week for a month.

So, I won't report huge startling changes, and yet, let's just say the "stargazer" is alive and well. She occasionally hides her head in a hole like the proverbial ostrich, but mostly she's lookin' up and smiling.

Wondering who this "stargazer" chick is? Ah yes, it's an approach in Beck's book, which I actually don't feel like explaining right now, other than it feels right and good to me. And the feelings are very similar to:

  • My utter joy, mischievousness and laughter when I contra dance....
  • How centered and content I feel when I think of and hold my children, Nick and Matt.
  • My feelings of acceptance, satisfaction and hope, when I am with Jim.

Journaling and working out are the two simplest and most shockingly effective things I have done and continue to do every week.

And drooling over that restaurant menu every couple of days is damn effective too.

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