About Me

My family and my Dad, my career choices and my music, writing,  chosen communities and my love of the outdoors all intertwine and overlap in my life.

As I navigate this messy life, I’ve discovered courage, connection and creativity guide my way. As long as one or more of these is true for me, it’s all good.

About AndreaDale.com

In my roles as a friend, writer and coach, I’ve learned every individual is incredibly complex. As a marketer, social media consumer, parent and individual, I have also witnessed how today’s world can simplify and minimize the humbling variety of abilities, interests, joys and challenges each of us represent.

So this website is my story (or stories I guess) of one person’s experiences and interests.

A Final Note

I feel such gratitude for the people and communities that have changed and influenced my life. It’s made me who I am—high energy, wit, worries and all.